GNC Solutions

Our team expertise and know-how allows us to develop high precision Guidance, Navigation and Control systems suitable for use in any kind of application.

We develop propietary fusion and navigation algorithms ensure smooth and robust performance with full angle range, making our solutions ideal for SWaP-C applications that want to ensure operational performance.

Why choose our GNC solutions?

Advanced Guidance Algorithms

We develop high quality competitive products

Robust & Reliable

Our products have been tested under the most critical conditions.


We adapt our products to your needs.


Our main GNC products

Nickel. Robust autopilot for UAVs.

Offers the highest safety for the mission.
Versatile and adaptable to any kind of setup.
Fully developed by AureaAvionics.

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Cobalt. Digital attitude indicator + GNSS receiver.

MEMs-based hybrid Attitude and Heading Reference System which integrates a GNSS receiver.
Suitable for Aerial, Marine and Ground Autonomous Navigation.
Small footprint and low power comsuption.
Cost-effective alternative to INS.

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