ISR Solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance is essential in all military operations because it provides with the necessary information to take efficient and timely decisions.At AureaAvionics we design high-precision ISR systems. Our versatile solutions help protect strategic positions and provide protection during military missions abroad.


Meet the Seeker


The Seeker UAS - by Aurea Avionics and GMV - is our most advanced ISR platform, designed and evolved to meet the critical requirements expected in demanding environments. With virtually zero infrastructure needed to deploy the system, its dual EO/IR stabilized payload delivers real-time imaginery, making the Seeker a complete light-weight ISR solution.

Rapid deployment

Ensures a prompt response when needed. Virtually zero infrastructure.

Over-the-hill missions

Their ability to operate automatically in all phases of flight and low logistic load make them ideal for this kind of missions.

Simplicity and Usability

Launched by hand and able to land on the ground.

Unblinking Eye

With real-time video streaming and dual payload (EO & IR) with pointing capabilities.