ISR Solutions

Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance is essential in all military operations because it provides with the necessary information to take efficient and timely decisions.At AureaAvionics we design high-precision ISR systems. Our versatile solutions help protect strategic positions and provide protection during military missions abroad.


Meet the Seeker UAS


The Seeker UAS - by Aurea Avionics and GMV - is our most advanced ISR platform, designed and evolved to meet the critical requirements expected in demanding environments. With virtually zero infrastructure needed to deploy the system, its dual EO/IR stabilized payload delivers real-time imaginery, making the Seeker a complete light-weight ISR solution.

Rapid deployment

Ensures a prompt response when needed. Virtually zero infrastructure.

Over-the-hill missions

Their ability to operate automatically in all phases of flight and low logistic load make them ideal for this kind of missions.

Simplicity and Usability

Manportable and hand-launched, it lands without ground infrastructure.

Unblinking Eye

With real-time video streaming and dual payload (EO & IR) with pointing capabilities.